7Gr. combines exceptional coffee selections with unrivalled passion and expertise to deliver a true Italian coffee experience still missing from London's coffee scene.

7Gr.’s quality is guaranteed from blend to cup and is complemented by sharing our expertise, allowing our consumers to fully appreciate and understand their coffee.We believe that customer loyalty must be earned by rising to the challenge of meeting consumer requirements, by providing exceptional coffee and a personal approach to customer service.

From our passion, we created three coffee blends of great character and with exclusive sensory profiles, which, at first sip, reveal their individuality and an elegant finish that lingers on the palate and in the mind. These are flavours to savour on different occasions, for a unique coffee experience.

Sevengrams is involved in developing an exclusive international network of clients who share the same attitude towards excellence.
Our clients receive a dedicated, tailor-made proposal designed to meet their needs and to achieve the common goal of always serving a perfect espresso cup to the customers.

Our courses are open to all baristas and coffee lovers.

Our trainers are International Maestro Baristas and award winning coffee experts. We host specific training courses for some of the most innovative Italian café brands such as Moleskine Café.

We are also the only coffee company in the UK able to award Latte Art grading certification (LAGS).