Sevengrams is a company established in Milan in 2009 by Mary, Angelita, Anna and Daniela Mauro: four sisters born into a family with a long tradition in coffee roasting, whose new business challenge aims to re-launch the Italian espresso tradition and transform a daily ritual into a memorable tasting experience.

In 2008, having sold off the shares of their former family coffee business and with a strong experience gained over the years, they undertook a brand new innovate. Our aim is growing without becoming “big”. This means we want to keep our artisan spirit, interact with true espresso experts and lovers, and always be focused on quality rather than quantity. We respect the environment and always ensure ethical conduct towards both consumers and producers alike. This is why we don’t distribute our products through retail chains, but only through our e-commerce and our flag-ship stores: in Milan where we’ve opened in 2014 the first 7Gr. Coffee Studio, and London with the 7Gr.

Coffee Studio Shoreditch and the brand new one in Clapham. Our customers and international partners wholeheartedly share our mission and help us to maintain this path of excellence which started with our company’s foundation in entrepreneurial challenge.


At the beginning of 2017 Sevengrams UK Limited was incorporated. After just four months, we opened the first 7Gr. Coffee Studio in London.

Based at 194 Shoreditch High Street, one of the trendiest areas in the City, the shop is a small coffee boutique, where our customers can experience the unique taste of 7Gr.’s traditional espresso coffee, blends and styles. Since the very beginning, we have received a great amount of interest in our coffee.

Today we have built a loyal following, receiving positive feedback and frequent complimentary reviews from people who are appreciating the coffee and services we offer.


The Sevengrams UK headquarters.

In 2018, we have opened a second location in Clapham’s neighbourhood that has become Sevengrams UK official headquarters. The new space is served by experienced baristas and equipped with the most advanced coffee machines in the world, including a brand new La Marzocco Leva, the first machine of its kind in an UK coffee shop.

At the Clapham’ Coffee Studio people can relax in contemporary, quiet and welcoming environment, enjoying exceptional barista coffee and delicious food freshly prepared by our Italian chefs. The Studio also provides a dedicated area for coffee training in order to repeat the success of our barista school in Milan.