This section is intended as a place where we can meet coffee business professionals who identify with our ideal partner profile. To us, “coffee business professionals” are all those who, like us and regardless of their sphere, constantly pursue excellence based not only on product quality but also on fostering end consumer knowledge on coffee.

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A personalized proposal based on your specific needs, transparent conditions, advice to help your business grow. And, of course, a whole lot of passion!

  • Exclusive blendsThe 7Gr. coffee is artisally designed for restaurants and coffee shops and its quality must be recognizable to the eye, the nose and the mouth. The first meeting with our customers is dedicated solely to the tasting of our blends. We challenge ourselves, because we are convinced that it is a good blend that transforms a regular cup into an excellent espresso. This must always our objective and not a mere declaration of intent.
  • Specialty Coffees: Our Specialty coffees under the brand LOT#0, in single origin or blend, are carefully selected and blended by Chiara Bergonzi, who follows every step of the production and roasting process, to give back and bring out in the cup all the precious organoleptic heritage of the best beans available on the market.
  • TrainingTo ensure that our coffees bring all the qualities that characterize them to each cup, training for us is an essential step. We know how important the skills of a barista are to enhance the characteristics of a good coffee and increase product yield.  For this reason, we are committed to ensure our customer’s team is fully trained and understands the added value that his knowledge can give to the finished product.
  • EquipmentWe share with our customers the selection of the correct equipment for their place according to the type of use, offering them transparency of our network of technical partners and clear conditions of service. It is a very important phase where we feel that rather than dazzle the potential partner with special effects, you need to select the most suitable technical supplier for the specific activity in a specific space. Our support also extends to the world of accessories and complementary products for the cafeteria.
  • Support & Service: For us, every customer is unique. We are therefore always on hand and use an attentive care model, tailored to every technical and professional need. This is the last piece of the puzzle in a good partnership and you must know since now that our team is composed by skilled and passionate professionals you can always rely on.


Contact our Coffee Team and let's talk about your project. We look forward to hearing from you.

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