The Coffee Studio 7Gr. is the only school in UK licensed to grant the international certification LAGS

The "Latte Art Grading System" is a qualification of techinical and creative skills about the latte art of the barista. 

The system s based on 5 levels called "grading" each one has a different color as indicated by the grading system logo: white, orange, green, red and black. Each grade corresponds to specific skills the barista must have acquired and be able to demonstrate during the grading exam.

At orur school is possible to attend the following LAGS courses:

1. LAGS Basics suitable for those who want to reach White and Orange grade

2. LAGS Intermediate for Green and Red 

3. LAGS Advanced for Black grade

4. Become an examiner, for those who want to become a LAGS examiner 

   lags logo