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£120 (White Grading)
£120 (Orange Grading)

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Coffee Studio Clapham
139, Clapham Road London SW9 0HP

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£ 160.00

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The "Latte Art Grading System®" is a qualification system of technical and creative skills about the latte art of the barista ( usually employed in the cafeteria ) . The system is based on 5 levels called "grading" each one has a different color as indicated by the grading system logo: white, orange, green , red and black. Each grading match specific the skills that the bartender must have acquired and be able to support during the grading exam.

The course contents are the following:

  • Review of basic latte art techniques and espresso-making
  • Introduction to grading: meaning and structure
  • Analysis of the technical requirements of white and orange gradings
  • Practical trials of patterns for the white grading
  • Practical trials of patterns for the orange grading
  • Mock exam for white and orange grading
  • Final grading exam: access to white or pass from white to orange

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